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September 2023 Updates:

  • Show Dates for Puffs are November 10, 11, 17th and 18th at 7pm and November 18th at 1pm.

  • We are currently looking for sponsors for our Set Build Pizza Lunches! Contact us for more info!

  • Mark your calendars for our next meeting: October 10th at 7pm in the Grand Conference Room


about us

The FSK Choral and Drama Boosters is a parent group that promotes and supports the Choral and Drama programs at FSK and all the students who participate in them.  


We support our students by:

  • assisting with the purchase of concert attire for choral performances

  • replacing technical equipment (such as the lighting and sound equipment) for the auditorium

  • providing scholarships for students to attend All-State Chorus, ITS Festival, and more

  • helping find props, costumes, and other set pieces for shows

  • providing dinner for everyone involved in between matinee and evening theater performances

  • hosting a party for cast, crew and pit after the final performance

  • Many Other Ways!

Every parent is encouraged to join the boosters! Together we can provide new and exciting opportunities for our children!


We typically meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at FSK.  

New faces are always welcomed, especially as our seniors graduate and take their parents with them! Alumni are welcome too!

Meeting dates:

9/12/23, 10/11/23, 11/14/23, 12/12/23, 1/9/24

Dates for the spring semester will be set at the end of this semester.

Email us at

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